Black Gold Transport offers a wide selection of rental equipment to help keep your oil field or construction project progressing on schedule.

Wash Car Trailers

Black Gold Transport’s wash cars are clean, compact and comfortable. A superior alternative to conventional Port-a-Potty toilets, our wash cars offer more space, separate men’s/women’s facilities, hot running water, a sanitary environment and the elimination of foul odour. Why not add modern amenities to your next project?


Office Trailers

Our mobile offices give you added space and comfort when working in the field. They are equipped for all weather conditions and include a fridge, microwave, and fold-out bed for longer stays. Our office trailer rentals are perfectly suited for use as security checkpoints, first aid/medic muster areas, and supervisor bases.

Emergency Shower Trailers

Emergency shower units are intended to provide standby safety services for workers whenever hazardous fluids are being pumped or handled. They provide a deluge station to flush the body or eyes if exposure to contaminants occurs. Our decontamination units were built according to ANSI standard Z358.1 and are completely mobile so they can be positioned in a location that allows for quick response and first aid treatment.


Spill Response Trailers

Black Gold Transport can provide spill response trailers to minimize environmental impact and allow for quick response should a spill occur. Our trailers come equipped with oil absorbent pads, granular absorbents, drip trays, garbage drums, liners, and a variety of shovels, rakes and squeegees for cleanup. Black Gold Transport is also your authorized agent to transport hazardous waste to disposal facilities.

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